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10 December , 2016

Volatility caused by US Election of Donald Trump Contributes to Stellar Results for Bitcoin Capital Market Company First Global Credit

First Global Credit, the first company that allows cryptocurrency holders to access the profit potential of mainstream capital markets posted over $12 million dollars-worth of trading on the platform during the month of November. This record tops the previous high set in February of 2016 when combined stock, futures and bitcoin to fiat currency trading on the site totalled $2.1 million dollars.

15 November , 2016

Capital Markets Veteran Gavin Smith Calls for Better Security Standards for Bitcoin Traders

“Blockchain fintech companies can not only provide better security for bitcoin traders we can also solve the problems that plague conventional capital market companies.”

11 September , 2016

Gavin Smith discusses positive changes in the bitcoin capital market

Gavin Smith, XBT / First Global CEO was invited by the Digital Currency Summit Group to open their Conference on Blockchain Capital Markets held at the BT Auditorium – London on September 9, 2016. He chose to focus on the changes in market perception and behaviour following the DAO hack of June 2016 and the Bitfinex hack in August. He cited both as factors that have motivated some interesting and ultimately positive changes in the market. Here is the gist of Gavin’s observations.

28 August , 2016

First Global Sponsors London BlockChain Summit

First Global Credit, a subsidiary of XBT Corp, will be a sponsor of the Digital Currency Summit’s next event on September 9th at the BT Auditorium, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. 

14 March , 2016

First Global Credit Brings Commodity Futures Trading to Digital Currency Holders

First Global credit provides new answers to the question, what can I do with my bitcoins?

28 January , 2016

First Global Credit Private Trading Group Goes Public

First Global Credit announces open auditions for talented traders to qualify for part-subsidized Private Trading Group accounts.

19 January , 2016

London Stock Exchange Added to First Global bitcoin backed stock trading

First Global Credit, the first company that allows bitcoin to be used as collateral margin to trade over 200 different stocks and dozens of ETFs has expanded the range of available equities to include shares traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE.)

01 November , 2016

Winner Announcement - Competitive Edge Trading Competition

The First Global Credit Trading Competitions are always interesting to watch. It seems like there are no 2 traders that have the same view about the same set of markets. Of course there are the specialists. People that excel in trading bitcoins against fiat currencies, stock or futures traders. There are few people that do well over all the market categories.
Because of the lack of big moves in the market, this was a difficult competition to trade, especially for currency traders who had a boring time until the last few days of trading when bitcoin went to the moon.

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