Trade bitcoins against other currencies

Trading bitcoins against fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies is a key way traders profit from the digital markets. But First Global Credit’s Currency Switch Service is so much more! Currency Switch allows you to profit from your capital in two ways at the same time. You can purchase or sell up to 2 times the number of bitcoins that you hold in your Master Account against USD, EUR, CHF, GBP. You do this with the same bitcoins that are financing your stock positions.

Currency Switch with AICOIN

You can also switch AICOIN (XAI) against a variety of currencies. But because AICOIN is a fixed token with limited availability, profits will be delivered into your account in bitcoins. You can also buy AICOIN on the First Global Exchange or the dashboard.


Trade stocks, trade currencies,

at the same time, with the same bitcoins.

Use Currency Switch to protect your bitcoin portfolio if you believe bitcoins are headed down; or actively trade your bitcoins buying or shorting them to increase account value.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Registration page and enter a username, password and current email address.
2. Go to the login page and select ‘Paper Trading – Investor Service‘ from the Account Type pull down menu. Click on the Account Settings Tab and enter your details on this secure page. You will need to provide a scan of a photo ID and proof of address not more than 3 months old.
3. Within 24 hours you will receive an email verifying your account. To log in to your live account select ‘Live Trading – Investor Service‘ from the Account Type pull down menu.  Go to the Deposit /Withdraw tab and follow the instructions to deposit bitcoins as margin to fund your account.
4. Now you are ready to use the Currency Switch Service. To take a position in another currency you can either take an existing price on the screen or you can make a price within the current Bid/Offer spread and this will be displayed to the other market participants. Visit the online manual for simple instructions on how to place orders.

Fees and Income


Maximise your profits! Why trade bitcoins on an exchange when you can maximise the value of your portfolio by trading them while market trading at the same, exact time. Register now.

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