Now introducing bitcoincash trading with ZERO commission

First Global is adding new cryptocurrencies to the exchange. To introduce traders to our expanded services we will offer 3 weeks of commission free trading for each curency we add to the exchange.
You can buy or short bitcoincash against bitcoin and bitcoincash against USD starting July 23 until August 12 without commissions.
But the First Global exchange is so much more. Not only can you buy or short up to two times the value of the currency held in your account, you can do this with the same cryptocurrency being used to finance your stock and ETF positions too.

Trade stocks, trade currencies,

at the same time, with the same cryptocurrency.

Trade AICoin and use it to back your stock trading too

You can also trade AICoin (XAI) against bitcoin. But because there is a limited supplyof AICoin, profits will be delivered into your account in bitcoins. 

Getting Started

1. Go to the registration page and start a practice account.
2. From the login page select ‘Practice Account‘ and mock trade using the same features as the live acount. Then when you're ready to start trading for profit select KYC from the  Account Settings window and we'll unlock access to the live exchange.
3. Within 24 hours you will receive an email verifying your account and the next time you log in you will be able to enter the Live Trading Account. Click on the Deposit button and follow the instructions to deposit cryptocurrency to your account.


4. Now you are ready to trade currencies, stocks and ETFs where profit will be returned to your account in cryptocurrency.

Fees and Income


Maximise your profits! Why trade bitcoins on an exchange when you can maximise the value of your portfolio by trading them while market trading at the same, exact time. Register now.

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