How to win

The competition platform charges fees, yields cash dividends on stocks and pays interest just like the live platform. There are over 200 stock markets and over a dozen futures markets to choose from so it’s your job to find the markets that are moving and place profitable trades. The First Global Credit Trading platform supports both going long and shorting markets so there should be plenty of opportunity for you to show your trading ability!

How are the rankings evaluated?

Every day at 21:30 GMT the account balances are tabulated in the following areas:

  • PnL from stock/ETF trading alone
  • PnL from currency trading alone
  • PnL from futures trading alone
  • PnL from trading all markets

The top 10 traders in each category will be posted on the FGC Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Traders are invited to share their competition experiences with each other.

High Leverage can yield high profits!

Because different market types allow different leveraging, you can refer to the available margin alert on the lower right hand side of the Trade Desk. You can also view a more detailed picture of margin availability in the Collateral window from the Currency Balance drop-down menu. If you are a high leverage trader be aware that the risk management system is designed to automatically scale back position size so you do not breach margin limits.

A Note about Futures Trading

If you are trading futures keep an eye on expiring months as the trading platform will automatically close your position prior to delivery. On the 28th of October, 21:00 GMT all outstanding positions will automatically close at market while we prepare Elite Trading Group accounts for the winners.

The Prizes!

Each of the four winners will receive a login for a fully funded Elite Trading Group Novice level account. These accounts have a professional leverage structure which is higher than retail accounts. As the trader increases their profits they will climb up the levels which opens the door to even higher margin levels and more profitable trading. The amount of profit you can make is unlimited and talented traders can make hundreds if not thousands of bitcoins without risking a satoshi of their own funds!

Read more about The Elite Trading Group.

Prize information

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