Register an account

1. Go to the Registration page and enter a username, password and your current email address. We will send you the current list of markets and this address is also used for trade statements. 


Verify your account for live trading

2. Go to the Login page and select ‘Practice Trading‘ from the Account Type pull-down menu. Click on the Verify Account button and enter your details on this secure page.  You will need to provide a scan of a photo ID and proof of address not more than 3 months old.


Deposit cryptocurrency margin

3. Log into your live account click on the deposit button. Followthe instructions to deposit cryptocurrency as margin to fund your trading.



4. You can buy or short  a growing list of stocks and dozens of  ETFs. Use the Currency Switch Service to move your margin into and out of fiat currencies without disturbing your equity positions. Visit the online manual for simple instructions on how to place orders. Learn more about fees and income like interest on margin deposits by visiting the Fees and Income page.


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