"I have worked with FGC since 2014. From my past experience with traditional brokerage firms, I loved their approach to use Bitcoin as collateral to trade a wide variety of instruments. They have made a great progress in the development of their current trading platform and the overal trading model of Equity trading secured by Bitcoins, with the posibility of trading the collateral structure as well, is one of the most innovative trading concepts available in the BTC ecosystem. As a cryptocurrency trader and instructor, I fully recommend First Global Credit as one of the most trustable and valuable ways to growth our Bitcoins while trading other markets and instruments."

DrBitcoinVE ( www.drbitcoinve.com ) - Panama
Client since November 2014

"First Global Credit has a unique offering. They have always been very responsive to my inquiries. I appreciate how they are aggressively expanding offerings and improving their technical capabilities."

Ryan J Ford – USA
Client since December 2014

"I have been a client of First Global Credit for approximately 3 years and have first hand witnessed the growth and dedication the company has put into their platform. They have a vision in the cryptocurrency space that is beyond that of their competitors. The organization has a long term savvy vision of the evolution of crypto. The team is dedicated and look at it as a passion rather than a chore. First Global has expertise in overcoming obstacles and the tenacity it takes to excel to a leadership position in their niche. They offer unique products, above board customer service and most important of all, the absolute dedication to the protection customer funds. Every product they offer starts with that most basic canon. This is a company who intends to stay and grow with the modern age revolution of cryptocurrency and as such has earned my complete respect and trust."

Lawrence Schnellmann – USA
Client since March 2015

"I have been using my BTC to trade International stocks on First Global Credit since 2015. The service and range of trading options continues to improve all the time."

Chris Lachlan Smith – Australia
Client since March 2015

"I am confident when I put my cryptocurrency onto the First Global site that I can get it off again. There are some other brokers running similar businesses I am not so confident about. Also, they charge a commission instead of being compensated by some of the ridiculous spreads you see on some other websites.

I would definitely recommend giving their services a try."

Barry Goers – USA
Client since July 2015

"I would like to add a sincere Thank You, I was learning how to trade cryptocurencies at the same time you helped me learn more about trading stocks etf even futures.

I hear in the news that thousands of traders are laid off from major banks in Germany. Yet here I am at FGC learning this hard skill.

I am going to work harder to get more lucky."

Drosa Daniel Tarrache – USA
Client since November 2015

First Global Credit is an important part of my trading portfolio. I’ve used their services for over a year and I feel pretty comfortable about putting bitcoin on their site. A really responsive company.

Perica Vukelj - Serbia
February 2016

"First Global Credit has been good to me. The site allows you to trade in a variety of global markets so you can stay up all night trading foreign stocks or bitcoin, then run with the big boys on Wall Street using coin for collateral. Pretty exciting opportunities if you do well in your trades, they will see it and give you account upgrades."

Adam Hennessey – USA
Client since April 2016

"First Global Credit provides the best service I have experienced with a bitcoin trading company."

Davor Paoletic – Croatia
February 2017

"I think I first thought about using bitcoin to invest in stocks (rather than lie dormant) was when I read an article on whaleclub, and while I don't have a problem with that broker, they offer quite a limited selection of stocks. So, I googled "buy stocks with bitcoin" and came across a bitcointalk forum post that mentioned First Global Credit. On visiting their website I was reassured by 2 things: Jon Matonis is on the board, and Marcie Terman, their communications director is/was CEO of data security company Data Fort.

The approval process was quick (done in less than 48 hours) and the responsiveness of customer support is rapid. The 3 major advantages of FGC compared to the compettion I'm familiar with are:

  • they offer a wide selection of stocks and ETFs, traded on several exchanges
  • trading profits are generated in local currency, but the platform allows traders to "sweep" them into bitcoin at any time, so positions can be maintained whilst also benefiting from potential upside in the cryptocurreny
  • FGC pays interest on bitcoin balances over 10BTC
  • The platform also provides a real time indication in percentage terms of how close you are to your margin limit - a useful tool to monitor position size.
  • First Global Credit is a pioneer in bringing a valuable new service to investors who want to use their bitcoin as they use fiat, to generate a return on their assets."

Duncan Ashworth – France
Client since March 2017

FGC represents the natural 21st century evolution for the “stock trader”. I like their business model because it combines currency-switch with the traditional assets, all at the same time.

And whenever you need a hand … they will be there to help you.

They are reliable people.

D. A. Martinho - Argentina
Client since March 2017

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